Pure Cotton Satin suits@ factory price Rs 999/- single piece available silk cotton minimum polyester

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Cotton Satin shine top kurta lawn cotten bottom shalwar churidar pants chiffon meshed orange floral contemprory designed dupatta Elate and Elegant high class look extremely comfortable. Top: light off whie base with orange floral prints and neat floral print on sleeves front design fine printed

2.10 meter with full width accross
2 meter with full width accross
2.25 meter with full width accross

“Home Wash, shines wash after wash, get more soft and gupps”


“Discount offer for Rakhi festival
from 07.08.2016
till 22.09.2016

hurry!!!!!!! ……. ……Top Fabric : Satin Cotton 2 mtrBottom Fabric : Lawn Cotton 2 mtrDupatta Fabric : Chiffon meshed multicolored fancy….we provide original fine cloth. ..You know pure cotton Or pure silk get better wash after wash. ..We do not add any polish to the cloth it shows its reality and purity after  few washings… The royal elegant rich-look-shine on the cloth and the thickness  of cloth get gupps / denser / thicker  induration of four to five consicutive washings……Very comfortable lovely touch on skin……All time wear….The soft shine and the texture of the pure satin + A1 cotton give the lady very attactive look, remember the shine and the thickness of the cloth increases with wash……Nebiours’ evey owners pride, Excellent buy, Cherished affectionate touch makes you feel, the world is with you…..For pooja ibadat and worshiping purpose it is said that cotton and silk have tendency to attact positive vibes form  the hevan and universe..Therefore the base color and print color is also thaught of to be suitable for puja purposes….Now you may think ….Why should you wear Satin cotton???….. Satin cloth offer a silky feel and can help keep you cool, while traditional cotton cloth are highly durable and come in a variety of prints. If you’re stuck debating which type of cloth to buy, look no further. This guide will help break it down by looking at the pros and cons of both satin and cotton cloth……The aspect of its feelings…….Satin cloth have a silky feeling that is cool to the touch, while cotton cloth are often heavier and coarser. Like luxury silk cloth , satin has a tendency to feel smooth from the minute you put them on you body. Fine cotton cloth will take a little more effort to break in, but can get cozier after each wash. Cotton is also better for creating warmth. Many people prefer cool satin cloth in the summer and cotton in winter. Another aspect of why cotton satin ? for that take Your Style into Account…….Satin cloth often fit a very specific decorating style and are not suitable for all dress style and moods…… Cotton cloth are more versatile and can be found in a number of colors, patterns, and thicknesses…. If you’re hoping for a romantic vibe in your aura, satin cloth are probably your best choice. ….If you want more variety or need specific cloth, you may want to stick with cotton…….Now Consider the Cost…….cotton Satin is made from a mixture of polyester and silk, quality satin dress material often has a higher price tag than lower-quality cotton cloths……. However, luxury cotton dress can often be expensive as well if you choose a high thread count……. Cotton has the widest price range because it has a bigger thread-count variety, so take a look at your budget before choosing which type of cloth you want to for your self…….Here we give you very fine thread and good thread count of cotton weaving along with reasonable percentage of silk mixed in the thread This makes your cotton satin and excellent wear .  ”

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